I don't have funds available to spend 's on a FWD + AFT overhead panel yet. Its on my roadmap but not for 18-24 months.

I use Prosim and at the moment I have their software fwd+aft panels displayed on a desk monitor and use a mouse to operate which isn't ideal.

To increase the realism I thought about getting a large touch screen monitor and mounting this overhead but not sure what size I should get. I understand the dimensions of the overheads are approx:-

L = 718 mm
W = 670 mm
D = 125 mm

L = 362 mm
W = 670 mm
D = 125 mm

I think if I need to match the existing size like for like I will need a 34" or bigger monitor which I don't think is going to be feasible.

Can anyone help determine what size touch screen monitor may give me a good usable experience?

Hope you can help.