Hi folks

I've came across a problem ,
basically I've ran out of USB inputs on my main computer
that runs fsx .
i have one USB powered hub attached ,but when I add another hub
to run my six pack and gauges card it screws everything up ie my fmc
isn't picked up in windows anymore -
I would be very grateful if anybody could point me in the right direction
to run my pokeys card which operates my six pack ,and my polulu card which
runs my gauges on to my second computer ,
woukd I need to get wide fsx ,run it on the second computer then connect my 2 USB inputs
for the 2 items ?
if I can't do it this way could I run my sioc items being the fmc and comm radio on a second computer
and plug in my gauges and six pack USB items into the main computer ,
any info would be gratefully appreciated .