I'm working my way to getting a SST. I already own the following:-

Jetmax TQ
Simujabs 737 Yoke

im running Prosim software.

i seem to naturally default to going for the Jetmax 737 SST but wondered what other people thought when I put all these vendors in the mix:-

open cockpits

simworld seem to have a really high quality model but the price tag reflects that. It also is plug and play so not much building to be done which suits me.

Jetmax is reasonably priced and known to be compatible with my other parts.

open cockpits is cheap but needs a lot of building and electrical wiring which I don't really want to do

Do you have any experiences you can share to help me make up my mind? Who should I go for?

i can afford the Jetmax and open cockpits now but will have to safe for the Simworld and Flyengravity solutions. Is it worth the wait etc.

I only fly 1-2 times a week for 3-4 hours but am very much into the hobby and want to extend my sim at a later date. Don't think I will every get to a dual as limited on space. The wife's makes me keep my sim in the loft.

hope you can help