Hello everyone. Let's see if someone can help me to see I'm doing wrong because I have a week with this and I can not.

I have a network of two computers:

V.3 3D prepard
FMGs software

FMGs software
SIOC 5.1 B2

From the PC2 I control everything related to aircraft without nungún problem with the mouse.

I took a week to run the sioc from the PC2 cards I've built. I've tried everything, having opened the two sioc, all ports, all IP, but can not get by pressing a test switch sends anything FMGs.

No more I can do, I'm not very good at computer science. No need to install something if I have not installed. Only the SIOC_Creator it to assign keys or the IOCARDS then to do something else?

Please help, I've looked everywhere, but what I've found it has not helped me, it may be because as I said, is my level of computer user.

If you need more data, I look and put here. Thanks for all!