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Thread: Phigets LED

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    Phigets LED

    Hi Please help

    I have an LED card software is all working and talking to the card as usual.


    When I set an output to have a brightness setting and then enable the out put it works but i then disable the output and then re enable it then no brightness I see the output is on but it is just brightness not remaining where I set it.

    How do I get the software to keep the settings on brightness.

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    Re: Phigets LED

    I know this thread is approaching one year old, but I am hoping some progress has been made. I am having the same problem with my build. I'm using FS2Phidget v 4.3.123 with a Phidgets LED 64 Advanced card (Phidget library (the required driver according to FS2Phidget)). I have green lights in the "installed" box.

    I have configured, for example, the landing gear lights. Brightness set to 100 under "Configure" for a particular LED. Physical LED is on. I put the gear up, light goes out, perfect. I put the gear back down, light doesn't come back on. Check in FS2Phidgets and I see that the brightness of that LED is back to 0. It appears to have come back on, but with 0 brightness. How can I get the brightness to stay at 100?