Hey! I just though I would share my recent project with you, my blog isn't detailed but it shows basically what I did: https://ae.roplan.es/cockpit/
The panel had no outputs it was all just input switches using Leo Bodnars BBI32, a 5V power supply to power leds. The leds were connected to double pole push switches which were glued to the plexiglass with the korry switch label printed on it. So it was a very basic inexpensive project. I used LINDA, Prepar3D and the Aerosoft A318-321.

I have also made a quick basic pedestal but I have not yet added this to the blog, that consisted of Leo Bodnars joystick board so I could use pots for flaps and spoilers. I then used tactile micro buttons for ECAM display buttons, as well as the AIDS Print button which I added to the LINDA module so that I could press and it would automatically print to my cheap thermal printer.

Thought I would share that!