I am asking for help from someone who understand programming, especially SIOC and its ability to work with FSUIPC.

I am a 68 year old former pilot. I flew both GA and military fighters. So, my interests lies not with the airline type of aircraft, but with the military fighter type. Ten years ago I set out to build a cockpit based on one of my favorite aircraft, the T-38. That cockpit was named here as the Cockpit of the Month.

With the introduction of TacPac cockpit simulation can take on a new dimension. So, in my quest to pretend I am still 24 yrs. old, I have decided to rebuild the cockpit and turn it in a true fighter simulator with weapons and refueling abilities. Since, I am not interested in flying just one single type of aircraft, I am making a cockpit that can be best described as an offspring of the mating of the F-16 and F-18.

I purchased an Opencockpits FMC V3 to use as an Up Front Control Panel (UFCP)/FMC. The information on the Opencockpits site says the FMC is a USB device and can work with FSUIPC. I have found out that that is only partially true. It is not a true USB device. In order to get FSUIPC to see the buttons and keys you need a SIOC script that writes to FSUIPC.

Within the SIOC software package are several scripts designed to get the device to work with Project Magenta and iFly software through FSUIPC. However, these scripts will not work for general purpose FSUIPC. The offsets they write to are reserved for those software products.

In writing to Peter Dawson for help he told me I need to use offset 3340, which is a DWORD that allows you to use the device as a joystick or two and assign the leys as buttons in FSUIPC. This is where I need help.

I am not a computer programmer. I grew up before computers and actually used a slide rule in college. I was able to get SIOC to work with the T-38 simulator by copying and modifying already written scripts, and help from people like Nico Kann. This is a step up, however. Before I has actual buttons and switches. Now, I need to get FSUIP to recognize the FMC keys as buttons. I donít know how to do that.

If someone can show me how to start, i.e., write the script that will allow offset 3340 to see the keys, I think I can take it for there. I just need to know how to write to and set the numerous bits in a DWORD. Once I know what to do, I can work my way through the actual process of assigning the different keys.