Hi guys, regards from Costa Rica and i have a several issues and i need help, tks in advance and sorry for my english, im not a native speaker.

Buy a card from desktop aviator, the 2120 (http://www.desktopaviator.com/Produc...2120/index.htm) and does what it says, work so nice.

In my panel I installed a taxi light switch in the PMDG 737 (simple example of what happens to me).
When I flipped the switch, on the plane up and down immediately light switch, it do not stay in position and that it should return to the original, both on and off.

Note. in the 737NGX_Options.ini is added the SDK line:
EnableDataBroadcast = 1

In the fsuipc are the parameters 0-1 for on or off
and the commands for PMDG (custom control) in the fsuipc as well

This happens to me in each of the 22 switches I have installed on my panel and what I want is that when you operate the switch, the light goes on or turn off and keep the position on the panel.
thanks for the help.