So i've built some race sims and flight sims in the past. I've built custom pvc and wooden rigs almost all with triple monitors. My most recent rig was a Volair sim with triple monitors but i've been thinking about making a new rig and using some of those monitors for instrument panels instead. In the coming months i'll likely be looking at buying my first home and i want to dedicate one room dedicated to sim racing and flight simulator. I'm thinking of doing two rigs that sit back to back with curved screens on either side of the room with a single projector (if possible) in the center of the ceiling on a swivel so i can swing it from one rig to another.

To pull this off i need to find a way to put up two identical sized curved screens on opposite sides of the room equal distance from the center and find a projector that will fill them to give me a 180 degree view. I've seen a lot of rigs that pull it off with 3 screens/projectors but i've come across a few that manage to pull off the view with just one. I've never owned or used a projector so i'm not sure what goes into fitting/warping the picture to fill out such a setup or where to begin making/buying a screen to project on.

Where can i find information on what projector(s) would be good for this type of project or where i could buy or find instructions on how to make the curved screens? Has anyone done something like this before and have a suggestion for a projector for this project?