Here is my latest addition to my project, the TMS (Thrust Management System).

The 146 TMS is basically a mechanical autothrottle system. It consists of a TMC computer, CDU (console display unit), and 4 engine actuators. The actuators are connected to each engines fuel control unit. They can move +/- 1/2 inch either side of center position, which corresponds to approx 8 percent of engine thrust.

I have taken some technical and artistic liberties, however the system is preset to 15 degrees C at a pressure altitude of 400 feet, giving me a max N1ref of 93.5 percent.

The way the system works is, when the 'TOGA' button is pressed the system is armed, and will activate when the thrust levers are moved slightly above flight idle. This will cause each actuator to drive forward (extend) to there fullest limit (as denoted by the blue arrows), and will extinguish when they reach the desired N1 setting, in this case 93.5 percent. (Once an engine reaches the desired N1 setting, the blue lights will go out telling you that the actuators are now back driving in order to fine tune and maintain that setting).

If the operator pushes too far forward, white arrow lights will illuminate telling the Pilot to pull the respective thrust lever back in order to get that actuator back into the authority range.

So you can see setting the thrust for takeoff is quite easy...just push the levers up until the blue arrow lights come on...let the engines stabilize, then continue pushing forward until the blue lights go out. Thrust is now set.

At 75 knots the actuators will freeze and all faults will be suppressed. The actuators freeze in the event a rejected takeoff is carried out.

Here is the link to the video;