Hey guys, I have a question regarding my PFC rudder pedals that I have had with my Saab Jetliner Column Yoke for many years. Both are from PFC, I am getting some potentiometer noise off both brake axis's. One is more severe than the other and basically its time. They have been on the unit since I owned it 7+ years now.

I contacted them and am figuring out how much it would be for them to do the job. I asked about hall-effects but he said that they dont have provisions yet to mount those into the pedals. Ivan did say, "Our new pedals uses wire wound potentiometer which is better than the old potentiometers that we were using." So I am wondering if that will be my solution.

Should I get the pots on my own and swap em? I live in SoCal and they are nott too far from me via UPS, but if they charge and arm and a leg for $20 worth of parts then I better do it myself.

What / where can you guys recommend the pots for me to obtain.

Second Question: I love my PFC yoke but after doing some research I came across this http://www.my737ng.com/what-the-yoke/ through this site and I am thinking about upgrading.

I am very interested in the Agronn 737 Yoke. I have already exchanged numerous emails witht he company, they are prompt and eager to answer any questions I have which is very encouraging! I have heard the horror stories about ACE Yoke eeek!

What are your guys' thoughts? I am wondering if my existing rudders will butt up to the yoke like they did with the PFC column or would they be incompatible I wonder.

Another idea is a read a great review about the Simujabs Rudders http://www.my737ng.com/hardware/simu...rudder-pedals/ and that is something I may consider getting down the line as a gift to myself.

Below is my setup.

For now I can bandaid my current rudders with the new pots, but down the road I would like to replace both the Yoke and Rudders. What do you all think? Feedback, comments, ideas, suggestions all welcome!


Angelo Cosma