Hi all, my name is Andrew and I'm new to the world of flight simulation. I have built two car sims for my son, one GT spec and one FI.

My father worked for Ansett ANA for 43 years and my older brother has flown commercially for 25 plus years so I had a bit of contact with aircraft when I was growing up.

I'm keen to start putting together a fairly detailed MK9 Spitfire cockpit and have been gathering information over the last 12 months in order to make a start on the fuselage.

I have been sourcing information from various internet sites and from Paul H Monforton's book, Spitfire MK IX & XVI engineered.

I know very little about electronics but I'm keen to learn, I am a plumber by trade and an experienced sheet metal worker as well as having restored many British sports cars over the years so the fabrication part doesn't concern me too much (apart from the Perspex sliding canopy!)

I will certainly be asking for plenty of help and advice along the way so thanks in advance!