Hi guys, Hope you're wellIn my home Cockpit most of time i use W then 0 to open Point of view VIEW to use it in flying with my cockpit, in before i've EZCA to done that, today in my Sim i'll not use EZCA again, and i need to use the defulte camera in my Sim....The problem is : i need to use the hat switch (like i've done before in EZCA) in in W + 0 ( POV ) view, how i can do that ????For anyone who's ask why!!!!!!here is my resaon :When i click the W then 0 to close the cockpit and makes only the sim in front of me, the runway appears to be slightly high on my eye/seat level, and i use the hat switch to reduce its level slightly low...Hope that makes you understand in giving me the advice....Thx