Hi All (hope this is the right thread)

I have a OC MCP v3 and I am using a single prosim_mcp.txt script which compiles fine and works with prosim737 perfectly. I have bought some nav radios etc so rather than have a long script I want to use the .lst feature and put all the individual scripts into a list.

I alter my sioc.ini to :-

[ Fichero de configuracion ]
[ Configuration File ]

and in the file shauns737.lst I have :-


I use the reload button in SIOC and get :-

Initializing IOcard Module
Launch Compiler, file :
File compiled !
Loading SIOC Script :
IOCP client connected

Seems OK....I launch Prosim737 and the MCP module and get nothing.... If I change the sioc.ini file back to point at prosim_mcp.txt it all works again ???? I am confused ?!?!

Anyone got any ideas. Thanks!