Hi All,
Just thought I would add some comments to address comments I see come up
repeatedly regarding some modules not able to be installed.
I have just had a case of my USBLCD module that would be recognized on
Desktop pc's running Win 7 and laptops running XP. But it would sometimes
tell me what module I had connected but installation of drivers failed. Other times
that an unknown module had been plugged in. The problem only existed on a late model Laptop.
I know laptops are notorious for problems.
To help others, here is what I did.

1. Did the usual reinstall of win 7 with no luck.
2. Decided that the program cant be corrupt as it ran on other machines.
3. Tried another O/C module and all was well.
4. So I swapped out the chip from another module and presto the fault followed the chip.
5. So I surmised it maybe some dc characteristic.
6. So I sucked out the program and burnt another chip.

I had success so it looks like people who have had new modules that don't work may need to look at a chip replacement.

Hope it maybe of some help in the future.