Hello everyone,

I have a FSX sim with Reality XP (RXP) FLT and FLN gauges and want to add the GTN 750 from Flight1 (F1), I have read that some people experienced problems with the F1 GTN when installed in aircraft that previously had the RXP GNS installed. I won't have the RXP GNS installed but want to know if anyone has or knows someone who has the F1 GTN and RXP FLT and/or FLN gauges and if there were any problems having both installed because I can't find anything that specifically talks about those gauges, just the RXP GNS. I really like the clarity of the RXP gauges and hope to keep them with the GTN and would like to know if it will work before spending $50 only to find out that it won't.

Thank you,