I am interested in adding reset/push-to-test functionality to my MIP annuniciators.

I have the hardware side (SPST switch and led) figured out and sourced.

Is the right answer hardware driven (i.e. zener diodes and circuits within the switch) or can this be done via interface boards and software? Please speak up if my assumptions below are incorrect:

-The annunciator lighting up when MIP test/Dim/Bright switch activated is taken care of as an output from the interface and Prosim. Correct?

-The annunciator lighting up as designed for appropriate notification and being reset when pushed is taken care of by the same output above, and an input via the switch in Prosim. Correct?

-will that same input/output pair handle just pushing the annunicator to get it to light up (test)? Is that test functionality built in to Prosim?

Note: Should have originally stated: I have SIOC cards, pokeys cards, Bodnar cards, Sismo cards and Simtech cards available for the interface

That is this weekends project so that I can button up my new MIP and slide it in to place in my shell.