Hi. I am working on my first physical panel and am using a single encoder to handle multiple chores. I am basing the code mostly on Jim's multi radio example, except that instead of using an LCD, I am using the G1000 PFD display. I have the encoder changing the frequency OK and can send to either NAV, but I can't seem to replicate the NAV 1-2 push button on the G1000. I send an A44 (the closest code I find), but the blue outline still stays in place, even though my encoder is changing the frequency of the other NAV.

Is A44 correct? If not, what is the programmatic code send to FSX to replicate the NAV 1-2 button. (Note, I a not talking about swapping current and standby freqs).

Oh, I probably need the equivalent for the COM 1-2 button push.