I'm considering buying either:
- Opencockpits 737 pedals at http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/...ml?cPath=52_59
- CATIII 737 pedals at http://cat-iii.com/shop/12-hardware

My questions:

1) Does anyone have experience with either of these products, and what are your opinions of the usage/durability/construction/etc.?

2) I need it to have a trim system (i.e., you apply pedal displacement and you can trim-off that position, keeping the pedals in that position). For an animation of my idea, please see http://www.avtutorials.com/temp/rudder_trim.html . Does anyone have knowledge if it would be feasible to retrofit either the Opencockpits or the CATIII pedals with such homemade trimming hardware?

Thank you!