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Thread: Dovetail Software licenses FS codebase

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    Microsoft FSX Dovetail Software licenses FS codebase

    Some potentially important news here:

    Essentially, Dovetail has done with FSX what Lockheed did with ESP and licensed the core tech and the rights to build on it. They’ll also be putting FSX on Steam for digital distribution, which is good news – particularly if they fix it a bit first. But perhaps the best news is that they’re looking to build new products with a release in 2015.

    Of course it all depends on what direction they want to go with the product. If they’re taking things in an MS Flight kind of direction, then it won’t be of interest to us. But Dovetail is owned and run by Paul Jackson, who is a legendary name in games in the UK with a history stretching back to the microcomputer era, and he’s a self-confessed simulation fan, albeit trains rather than flight, so there’s the chance they might do right by us this time. Dovetail is a much smaller company, so it’s not like they’ll need to sell millions of copies to turn a profit.

    I’m cautiously optimistic here. That said, I’m not about to abandon P3D yet!

    Edit: some not-so-good thoughts here... Well, I guess we'll see...

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    Re: Dovetail Software licenses FS codebase

    I read through other forums and the general reaction is cautious mixed with a little early misunderstanding.

    For the FS community in general, this is good news.
    Beyond the headline though, we'll have to wait and see.

    At the end of the day, a dew folks know that the plan is and the rest of us need to be patient.
    I cannot see FS11 being the next headline much as it would interest me.

    I would hope for FSX patches and updates but not even sure of this is likely.
    We simply do not know yet

    FSX is what I use today and I am pretty locked in. I expect to remain using FSX for a foreseeable future given the investment I have placed into it.

    It will be interesting to see what come here.

    My expectations and being set what I hope to be suitably low!
    If it's ain't broken, break it and then fix it !