Hello All

Firstly, I apologise if this is in the wrong section and fully understand if it needs to be moved.

I'm currently looking to sell my eShapeoko CNC mill. There is some info on my blog about it (http://al3x-foster.tumblr.com/) I built it and ran it a few times and then moved to a property without a garage to use it in. I also moved job and now have access to a laser cutter and 3d printer which also makes the mill surpluss to my needs.

It is fully functional but would require an electronics enclosure to be made to tidy it up. It will come with everything you need to get going, including a laptop, dremel type mill and various bits.

The eShapeoko is a european counterpart for the shapeoko mill. As such there are plenty of resources available online to help get the best out of it.

I can provide much more detailed information to anybody that wants it. I'm hoping for offers no less than 400 for the lot. I'm based in the UK.