I've been working on this project since receiving my Arduino Mega boards and Link2fs Multi. What a great combination.

Phase 1 (on 1 Arduino Mega) is the LCD Display w/COM/NAV radios. I was going to go with individual LEDs like many have done here, but decided to make a switchable display using a 20x4 LCD display.

There are 4 LCD Display modes:
1) MCP - displays important autopilot information
2) Radio - Displays COM1, NAV1, NAV2 and Transponder frequencies including standby frequencies
3) Flight Info - Just general information about the flight - heading, speed, ground speed, altitude, flap position, etc.
4) FMC/Other - Not fully implemented, but shows TOD and Destination distance...

I made special characters such as "nm" (nautical miles) and up and down arrows which show when the flaps are moving.

I also control the autobrake (RTO, Off, 1, 2, 3) from this box.

Each rotary encoder includes a pushbutton which I use to set the kHz (IN). When OUT, the encoder sets the MHz. And red button below each encoder swap the standby frequency.

(PHOTOS BELOW.... excuse the quality, I took them with my cell phone since it was easier than dragging out the "big" camera - and the box is sitting on my computer/work/solder/experiment/prototyping desk. )

Currently, the box is cardboard as this is a prototype and I'm waiting to form my own metal boxes.

My other 2 projects are the Autopilot and Lights/Gear/Flaps controls using the 2nd Arduino Mega and Link2fs. When these are complete, I hope to have demonstration videos up on my YouTube channel.