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To All,

This last year I re-coded my MCP to work with a single Arduino Mega and a LUA script thru FSUIPC. No Link2FS required.
I have a LUA script specifically for the PMDG NGX and another LUA script for the MilViz 737-200 and stock aircraft.

All of my home built hardware now use Arduino and LUA.

Hello Fess,

I was very fascinated about discovering your post about how you have switched from link2FS to using a LUA script. You helped me out a lot when I was making my mcp/multiradio/gear panel (box) for the PMDG 737 NGX (Thread: PMDG 737NGX and Link2fs Multi (Experts)).

Sure Jims great software link2FS really helped me out at the beginning, however due to the limitations of link2FS, I have wanted for quite a while now to get into LUA programming. However, LUA-scripting is new to me and I would really appreciate if you could be so kind to share your LUA script specifically for the PMDG NGX with the corresponding Arduino file. This way, I should be able to learn how to get into LUA scripting.

I already sent you a PM in this regard.

Best regards,