Hi all,

I am loving your programs and how nicely they connect with FSX, I do however have a question relating to strings.

I am practicing some code and want to just simply turn an LED on when I turn the flight director on and off, I figured this would be the best way to learn how the others would work as well.

So my question is this: in the demo script you set up up the strings gearSimple. Which, in my understanding, is used to control the LED's for the gear position. How did the string get it's name gearSimple or is this just user defined? If not where would I find these for the functions a require?

Also for the identifer, I gather this is taken from the program it's self? So in the case of the Auto pilot function this would be =q, then I need to place the q in the "Case" section on the equals sections?

I hope this makes sense and love learning about how to control this!

Thank you for your time