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    Notable threads

    These threads have good stuff in them and it would be a shame to see them disappear into the endless pit of "old threads"

    Magnetic compass build and code

    Level-D B767 MCP and Link2fs Multi (Experts)

    does link2fs_multi program run properly with net framework ver 3.5 or 4?

    Link2FS with A2A Cessna 172

    Lowering The Bar In A Can

    Link2fs Windows 8.1 (and Steam)
    and ,,,,
    link2fs doesn't see fsx steam edition

    SimCheck A300B4 MCP and Link2fs Multi (Experts)

    Problems sending commands via LAN (UDP sockets)

    My Cessna 172RG Elevator Trim and Auto Pilot Servo

    My Cessna 172RG Annunciator Panel

    High Resolution Servo Control

    Simple throttle control using potentiometer

    Cessna Gyro Compass converted to FSX
    and ,,

    360 degree continuous rotation potentiometer for compass

    Example sketch for MCP23017 GPIO expander

    PMDG 737NGX and Link2fs Multi (Experts)
    Interesting thread with methods on interfacing etc.

    Working: Easy Stepper Motor Control for Flaps Gauge

    Steve's Simulated Cessna 800 radio stack.

    Tom's Nav/Comm Radio with 32 Channel Memory and his Transponder

    7 segment led displays and my Radio Box
    and related to the above,,

    A tip for saving demo INO's

    AttitudeIndicator from scratch!

    attitude gage test

    Cheap DIY Vertcal Speed Indicator

    Tutorial Videos on Youtube

    Arduino COM / NAV LED display - FSX
    Note: The above code is to suit the old "inOut" program and
    won't work with the "Multi" but is an interesting thread.

    Tip: Use unsigned int for large values

    There are more but the older one's had code in them that suited the older "inOut" program which is no longer ,, to include them would have be confusing for a new Guy.

    I'll keep my eye open for more ,,, Jim
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