Hello everyone, my name is Steve Lutz.

I am in the early stages of building a replica C337 SkyMaster cockpit. I am using all aluminum construction to save weight, as the cockpit is suspended on three pneumatic actuators with proportional PID pressure control valves and linear position feedback to make a 3DOF platform with 12" of vertical movement at each support point. The finished cockpit weight is about 220lbs without pilots.

The shell is complete and I am beginning to work on the instrumentation. I have a full set of light GA twin instruments, twin quadrant throttle, yokes, and rudder pedal assemblies, all from old aircraft. The gauges will be canibalized, substituting micro servos for the original mechanisms. 3 Arduino MEGA boards will handle the I/O, using JimNZ's link2fs.

This is a pretty intense project and I will surely need a lot of help before it is completed. I am grateful to the many members of mycockpit.org whose posting have given me ideas and inspiration.

Happy flying,