Hi huys....i really hope that someone can help me with my PMSystems startup problems.

I have latest build of PM Systems together with Tekworx IO Cards and a Overhead panel connected.

When i start PM systems, it shows me that the IO Hardware is connected and after initializing, it is really connected.
When i go and turn on the Batter Master switch on my Overhead panel, i can see the movement of the Master Switch at PM Systems too.
But actually nothing really happens. No screens go on, i cannot start the APU and no lights on the Overhead go on too.

Then i have to close PM Systems, delete the PMSYSTEMS config file and start again. After a moment it is working.

The problem is that i always have to delete the the config file, thats not really fine.

I didnt change anything on my setup except software updates. But even with a rollback of PM Systems its not working.
The PC with PMSystems is Win XP

Any idea what can be wrong?

Thanks for any kind of help

With kind regards