Hello Everyone,

I have been lurking on this site for about 2 years now and I am finally ready to build my first sim. When I say ready, i am saying financially, mentally, and physically ready. I have finally arrived into retirement and looking to build the sim by myself. I have done a lot of homework like most of you have and I think I have it down to a plan of attack.

I do wonder if some of these questions could be addressed for verification Thank you.

1) What is the average "room dimensions" for a FDS 737 Shell/sim with a 6 55" Flatscreen TV setup. I am having issues with how this would be calculated.

2) Speaking of visuals, Projection just isnt in the cards for my project but TVs will work fine. I am wondering has anyone perfected placement of TVs with FDS 737 Shell to avoid bezels?? I'll be using samsug bezel free HDTVs (going to spend a little more for them i know), however still want to have as much as an unobstructed view from the cockpit (example, boundary or TVs right down the middle of captain's seat).

3) I have noticed that most people mix and match various components from manufactures. Obvious cause either some dont make certain pieces or some offer more interaction (ergo Flight illusion gauges inside the FDS overhead etc). My question is, is there any advantages to mixing and matching components other than above?? Is it just a cheaper solution(s) or personal preference? My plan is to just make one call and get all the hardware, panels, frames/shell, SYS boards etc from FDS. Additionally add flight illusion gauges.

I again thank you in advance for any help on these and the question I may have in the future.