Well I finally got this rattled together ,, and it's available for downloading.

It's the Link2fs_Multi for FS2004 and it's basically exactly the same as the FSX one. Heaps of extractions, Direct Inputs, and "Keys" along with a GPWS, Chatter, and an Annunciator page.

It can connect to 3 cards at once.

If you are running the "Multi" for FSX then everything will still work for this FS9 one if you use both sim's at different times. (The INO is the same)

You don't need an Arduino card to run it ,,, It is not an "install" but a stand alone exe. (You could run it from a pendrive)

What I would like tested is the program itself ,,, any odd things going on ,, errors ,,, etc etc.
I'm not worried about INO's ,, that's another matter.

If you want a play ,,, give it a go and see if you can spot anything wrong ,,, I just got sick of testing the million things in it and would like a hand.

My web page on this release is rubbish (I'll fix it up one day) but you can see the general idea by looking at the "Multi for FSX" page on my site as they look exactly the same.

Please post any findings in the thread only ,, nothing about INO's please.

You can get it here ,,,,

Have fun Guys ,,, Jim