It's been a while since I have plugged in my Radio Box, Thanksgiving week and all.
I have made a short video demonstrating the "Acceleration" of the Rotary Encoder. (No Geek Voice this time)
I made a few changes to the code and re-attached it to my earlier post above.
One of the changes is, the acceleration of the encoder will only happen when on the MCP. (HDG CRS ALT etc)
Basically, If Rotary == 3 then do the acceleration stuff.
Frequencies still dial one tick per click.
There was a small bug I found and fixed in the AP vertical speed array. (forgot to change a "1" to a "0")
I made the bug when I was remarking my code previously and decided to make the arrays more efficient.
When the VS display wasn't working correctly, I thought I was going nuts for a minute.

All is good now and here is the video.