Hello everyone,

I've been trying to figure out which output card to use for some of my LEDs and annunciators. However, most of them only use offsets for their variables. The aircraft I'm basing my cockpit on has XML gauges. Although most of the annunciators use A:Vars (Offsets), some of them also use L:Vars (Custom local variables) to change their value. For instance, the 748 has dual batteries. By default, FS only supports one battery. The author found a way to give the illusion of dual batteries by having each battery annunciator only turn on when both "A:Electrical Master Battery" and "L:No1_Battery_Switch" (or No2 for the other one) are active.
Here's the section of XML to clarify:

So what I'm asking is if there's an output card that supports L:Vars?

EDIT: There's something wrong with the code command in the post editor, so here's the code section:

EDIT #2: Ok, there's a lot more that's wrong with this forum than that. Here's a txt file with that section of the XML file: