Hello everybody,

I have a problem with leds for my ovh. All switches work as they should, but SIOC doesn't see PMGD variables. No reaction at all... If I link led directly to the switch it works, all leds react also in the SIOC monitor.

EnableDataBroadcast=1 is added to PMDG file.

My config: one USBExpansion card with 2 mastercards. Neither LEDs linked to the 1st nor to the 2nd card work...

My sioc.ini file is a copy of the one provided with OC4BA. The only change I've made is to add MASTER

Syntax of the command taken from script from the website, only device number and outputs were changed.

OC4NGX, SIOC and FSX all running in administrator mode, both SIOC and OC4NGX - the newest versions available... Before that I was using SIOC 4.3B.

any ideas what is wrong guys?