Hello everyone, my name is Julio Cesar and I am 50 years old and live in sao paulo, Brazil. I was referred to this forum by a friend from another forum, Brazilian:-Virtual-Flight. inicando in FS2004, in recent times was to set some standards and addons and one of the things that still have no desire to achieve and is REX. But there is much to know and I'm taking it easy. My intention is to build a cockpit more generic, based on the 737. It will be in my room, so at this point I have no pretense of a 'cabin'. Initially I want to mount the radio that Jim posted on its site, and the next step is to make an MCP based on Arduino. As I got now, I do not know if someone already have some code for this. From already thank you all and hope to have the help and support of all the hard work in this endeavor. I'm sure in Brazil will inspire many other home-cockpit-man