Hello guys!

I finally got the fiancee to accept me starting to build a home cockpit in the basement, i have been wanting do start a build for many years.
But, where do i start? I'm thinking maybe with the MIP?

And also, i have always been a Boeing guy, but then i saw the website, and the youtube videos of the German guys from Cockpit-simulation.de,
and i really started to doubt the 737 build, and started thinking about building an A320. So one difficult question, how do i choose? I have to do many things by myself to keep costs down, wich one would be cheaper to build?

I am pretty fortunate though, i have a friend at a CNC company, and a buddy who is a Mechatronics Engineer who wants to help out

Can i find blueprints for building here at MyCockpit?

And one more thing i am looking for, and i have searched the forums but can't find anything, is there a list of some sort here on MyCocpit wich includes all of the different manufacturers who makes cockpit parts?

Best regards from Norway,
- TheAviator.