WorldFlight 2013 will start on November 3th until the 10th.

The concept of a virtual, round the world flight for charity was started by a team in the United Kingdom and has spawned an annual event with participants all over the globe. We, the first team from Germany will try to successfull finish the challenge and to raise funds as much as possible, therefore we sell seats in our flightdeck. Senior pilots (Pilots with ATPL or having experiences with this simulator) will spend EUR 25,00 per flight, new pilots spend EUR 50,00 per flight (this includes trainings sessions before the tour). The Jumpseat is bookable for EUR 25,00. The collected amount will be send to 100% to The German Maritime Search and Rescue Service. A public donation plan will be available to control the amount.

Please book a flight for free:


Hope to see you in sky ...