Hello all,

I recently received my 767 throttle from Roberto. Unfortunately, when it initially arrived, customs had managed to very severely damage the quadrant (and we knew it was customs since there was an inspection sticker on the front). Some idiot had taken it out of the protective crate, dropped it or something, and managed to cause all ****...

Anyway, I contacted Roberto and he agreed, out of an abundance of kindness, that I would delivery the throttle to Phil from Simvionics up in Manchester for repair, and that he would pay all repair costs. A few weeks later I collected the throttle from Phil, which now looked like it had never been used before - a fantastic repair job!

The main reason for making this thread is to say thanks to Roberto for meeting the costs of repair. I highly doubt any other company would go to this extent to make sure their customers are satisfied, especially due to damage caused by idiot uneducated customs. Thank you very much Roberto.

On another note, I have made a very detailed and irrefutable claim to customs which is currently processing. Lets see them try and debate the evidence.