Ok...i have to post this question on mycockpit as I feel vendor support for REX real environment does not understand my what, why, where, or when.

My setup is one main server computer networked to 5 client computers through WideView

I purchased REX real environment (CD ROM) version and installed it on one of my client computers...works and looks great! (after of course going through the very complicated wrapper validation procedure to 'unwrap' the product to get a key code for operation)

My problem arose when I attempted to install the program on the remaining 4 clients, but the validation code for the product would not allow me to do this....which is funny because on my account for 'flightsim store' (where the product was purchased) there is a download page that allows me an additonal 100 internet downloads of this product.

This brings me to the REX environment support forum (where any text in CAPS will be deleted...no i am not kidding...in fact you have to make sure you don't identify rex as REX).

Apparently, I (think) this program is supposed to be placed on the server computer only (?) using something called simconnect to network it to the clients......not sure because they have not elaborated as such as my file is still 'under review'.

This is not something I really want to do...in other words while un-installing REX on my (one) client to make it mesh with the other visuals...I had to basically un-install and then re-install FS9...something that I would not want to do with the server as it contains all my simulator files etc.

Regardless...i think that I should be able to install REX on each client...tweak the variables to the exact same configuration on each PC, and have it work satisfactory?

I feel that I am asking the REX team what time the sun is coming up if the flavour of the responses so far are any indication.

anyone have experience with this product??