Hi all
I find myself with this issue after
re-installing the most recent
version of REXEssential + overdrive.
The FS9 splash screen appears and
the Prosim modules start but that's
it! I have to open the task manager
to shut down the splash screen.
I read in one post about other
programmes active in task manager
related to FS9 and there are several
listed and I believe this is the
cause of this problem.
I've tried a system restore and
deleted FS9cfg but this makes no
difference. I understand there is a
patch but this is only for Windows
I'm using FS9, Windows 7, Prosim
and their Jetstream model 737-800.
I'd be grateful for any help as It
has just taken about 8 months to get
my sim up and running and it was
running really smoothly after a PC
change and migrating to Prosim and
months and months of new additional
wiring so I'm pretty frustrated that
this has happened!
Thank you all in advance
Alan W