Hi there Pilots.
I have been interested in flightsim for some years, but I never made any effort of building anything, because I was unsure how long my interest would last. But this spring, I believe someone hit me in the head with a wooden hammer, suddenly I sat with information in my hand, how to build a B737 TQ.
Today, June 2013, I am halfway in my construction, and every hour in the garage is pure joy.
But i must admit, that when I had taken the decision, I was not sure if I would be able to finish it. As work went forward, I understood more and more of the construction and tech behind it, and already now, I do believe I might build an another later.
It is not motorized, but still this one will be hundred times better than the Ch yoke I use today.
The good thing about keeping cost down, was that I did have a lot of parts needed hidden in the garage, I only had to look for it, but even when I wasn't searching for a particular item, it popped up "by itself", so I just had to put it aside until time came, and I could use it.

On the way, I also had to search the "net" to find items I did not have, and sometimes I didn't even know the name of it, several search and asking around, lead me to companies national and international, where I could harvest the fruits of my effort.
While learning and building at the same time, you must expect that you do mistakes, and you have to dismantle and assemble a few times before you get it right. Will use 2 mm aluminium as cover and paint it in Boeing's gray RAL 7011 color.

okay, time to continue connecting wire's in the throttle handle!