Hi everyone,

i'm new in this forum so, so sorry if this is not the right place to post this question.

i'm building a cockpit, it's intended to be used at a flight school, to get students introduced into flight, and to practice emergencies.
i'm using LCD instruments with rotary encoders on it so you can configure them like the real ones. And we use a saitek pro flight yoke and rudder pedals,

it 's generally based on a c172 cockpit.

now, it's time to build the radiostack, and we want smth like the bendix king stack with 2 comm radios, 2 nav radios , ADF and xpndr. (Like the one is displayed in FS9 radiostack)

does anyone knows where can i found any diagram to print de acrilic faceplate??

i want smth like this (but with digital buttons for xpndr)


Best Regards.