So I have been on these forums reading all the exciting things people are up to and how cool it would be to have a flight sim of my own one day. Then the thought occurred that there must be loads of people in the same boat who may not be able to afford to build one so they just go with what they have. So i thought why not see how many people would be willing to join together and build one, that way prices would be split making it cheaper and therefore it could be the dream sim. Also that would mean having people to fly with in the new built sim and if there are a few people it could mean a mini roster to bring a whole new level of realism. (ie virtual sim airline with a roster of when we would fly)...anyone think that would work? I would understand that it would be a fight on what to build but i would love any (even though the name is 737NGDreamer for me as real as it gets is the dream no matter what type of airliner.

So let me know of your thoughts on whether its a good, bad or totally crazy idea.

anyways i continue to dream and one day i will definitely build my own

Thanks for all of your guys examples and best of luck to you all in your current sims