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Sismo Soluciones would like to thank all you simmers worldwide that have supported and trusted this project from its beginning. Because of you we have launched on this enthusiastic market thousands of devices that contain our effort to make always the best products, but we also know they can be always improved, and that itīs impossible to get 100% of the customer’s satisfaction, but we will continue working with your help and support, and also with your feedback.

Behind this company, this website, the emails or the products there are persons, families and very much illusion and endeavor invested in the hours needed since a product is ordered till you plug&play with it at home.

We are very proud of our devices and our solutions, many of them were first released to the market by Sismo Soluciones and then have been followed by other companies.
All of this is because the post made by Iain Williams in his blog, 10 months later,
SISMO Solicones - Avionics Review: My Negative Experience - Journal - Flaps 2 Approach

As we have told above, we are aware that there will always be unhappy customers and we accept their feedback, but malicious comments not telling the whole truth are totally unfair, and we reserve the right to take legal actions. It is also interesting that some of the comments come from persons that have never been Sismo customers. We think that no more remarks are needed. We are not hiding, Iain, have in mind how we believe in Sismo that we are even linking to your post.

Thank you very much again for your support, dear customers.

Sismo Soluciones staff.