Hi all! Just registered and thought I'd see if anyone has any opinions on a first time 3 projector setup. I'm finally moving to a house with a basement in a few months (although don't know the dimensions yet as we're still house shopping) and have convinced the fiancÚ that the basement is mine to do with what I please! So I've always wanted to build a simulator for flight, driving and FPS. I was originally going to use 3 Samsung 51 inch plasmas for the sim but was considering going all out with a 3 projector setup. I already have an Optoma HD33 1080p projector and figured 2 more would be about the same price as 3 plasmas. I've been reading the forums and have a few questions. I've read that the Immersive Display Lite 2 would be needed to warp the 3 screens together. Is there any blurring or loss of clarity with using this software? I've read a post that the screen is blurry when used, is this true? I would also like to build my own curved screen and have some ideas such as bending plywood or is there a better material? I was thinking of painting the end screen with Projector Screen Paint to remove the lines between the 3 4x8 foot panels. Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!