I am running the PMDG 737NGX under FSX with Acceleration. I have all the latest drivers. I am using a 42" HDTV for my main monitor and a 21" samsung for a second monitor. The screen resolution for the TV is set to 1680x1050 and I have the FSX set at 1680 x 1050. The problem I'm having is that everything is cryatal clear and defined when flying in the daytime. The instrument panel is clear as is the outside view and my addon airports are all fine. However when I change to night, the resolution becomes grainy like you can see the pixels, and the airport buildings become an off white color and the tarmac turns green. I am using an Nvidia 650GTX graphics card.

I used to run FS9 with an Invidia 9800GT and everything was fine, day or night.

Anyone any ideas about this? I have used Nick Needhams tweaks for FSX but it doesn't make any difference.