Hi, I started on FS97. I used the later versions. I dont have a setup. I want to build a TQ as follows:

1. Motorized throttle, speed break, and trim wheel.
2. React to autopilot correction by physically changing lever position.
3. Reverse thrust.
4. TO/GO button
5. Autopilot disengage button
6. Fuel cut offs
7. Parking break
8. I want to include a resistance to manual thrust input at 25% and 75% (if possible)
9. Flap lever

In short I am trying to come as close as possible in replicating the real throttle. I hope I would be able to achieve the project requirements. I am incapable of programming a computer program to run this device. Would any of the above require programming? Im not sure I have to research more about this.

Thanks to Dave's help .. he's been very supportive.