I have four monitors - 1 for instruments and 3 for front, left front and right front views. I want the 3 front view monitors to show an undistorted panoramic view forward with no aircraft components, panel, wings etc in the view. I can achieve this with default aircraft by changing the model.cfg file with // in front of the last line of the file, and freezing the left forward and right forward views on the two side monitors in cockpit view.

My problem is that I want the same view on my payware aircraft - the RealAir Beechcraft Duke Turbine for example, but changing the model.cfg file as mentioned above disables the instrument panels on this aircraft.

Any suggestions as to how I can obtain my desired views on the Duke without losing the panels would be appreciated.

I have a Nvidia 660 GTX video card which supports 4 monitors.

Would the Triplehead2go splitter help me here?

Thanks to anyone who can help.