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    Need some help with CP MCP Back light

    Hello everyone,

    Seems I have come up with a software communication issue between the PMDG737ngx and my cp flight mcp. I can't turn on the back lighting. I can turn the back lighting off and on through the test software so I feel the unit is sound. All other functions are working, except one that I messed up trying to figure out the back lighting issue. Will try to solve that one later.

    Has anyone using the cp mcp and pmdgngx had success with the back light feature. It's supposed to work when the nav lights are turned on. I've turned on every light I can think of and no go. For me that's a negative. If one has the ICS board, then you can operate the back lighting with the Captains lighting knob. ( I dont have this board).

    I have the latest driver from the cp web site installed. I've been in contact with Claudio, but may have him stumped as turning to the builders guild for help now.

    Open to ideas,


    PS: Claudio has resolved all my back lighting issues for me. Was a matter of adding several lines to the PMDG ini file. All works great now.
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