Good Morning all.
I have an Aerocommander 685 cockpits which I'm currently stripping out for a Sim.
I will be putting Glass on the left side, but Analogue on the right. I still have many instruments which they had surplus to their needs and threw them in as well. These include VOR indicators, and fuel/pressure etc. Any of these just use coils gauges which I believe are just plain aircore gauges. I found this website at
which has a number of circuits. I was thinking of using one of those circuits and using either the opencockpits servo, or DC motor cards to drive them. I'm trying to source the LM1819 and LM324 chips to experiment.
First question:
Q1: Has anyone used these circuits or think it would work?

Q2: In these circuits these coils seem to be 3pin centre tap, whereas available off the shelf movements such as from have four pins for separate sin/cosine coils. Are two pins just joined?

Q3: Does anyone have a copy of Mike Powell's book of building simulated aircraft instruments? He no longer sells, and is not doing a reprint. Anyone have a copy that is surplus to their needs, or 'getting out of the hobby' (I've seen a couple of these lately. (Mike may chime into this thread.
Thanks in advance for any replies.
Melbourne Australia