Hi everyone, first post here at MyCockpit.

Im planning a King Air 200 build using a lot of the stuff from this site , Ruscool Homepage .

I do have a couple of questions regarding Radios and GPS however. I have the RXP430 and would like to use it in my cockpit but that is expensive. There is one from Elite Simulations Solutions that will run the RXP430, https://www.flyelite.com/hardware/av...ionics-modules. Also there is an Apollo GPS module there, would that just run through the default FSX stuff?

My second question is radios. The place I am buying most of the other stuff from says they have radios, they are just expensive, like most Bendix King looking radios. So I was thinking of this, Multiradio . I could fly without GPS as long as I have the VOR, ADF and stuff, which this has. The GPS will come later, probably closer to the end.

What are your thoughts on the above? Any suggestions?