I must have spent more time fiddling than flying so I just popped in to introduce myself as I posted a thread that might be of interest to other 'budget' builders.

"FS keyboard re-visited - NO SOFTWARE" (If Mods. approve )

I have spent a fortune and too much time upgrading PCs in the hope that I can run a 'decent' Flight
Sim. at beer money prices. To spend 'silly' money on a simpit is out of the question so how do I
reconcile this nagging desire?

Got to have 'real' switches, got to have 'big' picture.
Display...well, I weakened and bought a TripleHead2Go after much grief trying the alternatives,
besides one PC is expensive enough for FSX I wasn't going to buy 3 for 'Wideview' operation
('Wideview' has since been upgraded to allow single PC operation).

Generic cockpit, basic 'T' on monitor and a console for 'real' switches plus a typical USB Joystick.
Use standard parts and a bit of 'know-how'.

1 x FS2002 running 'WideView' over 3 PCs and 4 Monitors
1 x FSX on a single PC with TripleHead2Go over 3 Monitors
I use two Amplifiers one connected to 'Line-out' which is a typical Hi-Fi Amplifier and the other is
a filtered 'Low-Pass' Amplifier (like a normal Amplifier with all the controls set to 'Bass') which
is connected to 'Tape Out' of the primary Amplifier to get rumble effects.